Home Economics knowledge positively affects the well-being of individuals, families and communities. Each 21 March, IFHE members worldwide proudly celebrate World Home Economics Day to promote family and consumer issues.

World Home Economics Day 2020

Theme: Housing the Disposessed

Natural and man-made disasters impact the lives of millions of people every day. Once the most immediate safety concerns have been addressed, the central themes of Home Economics are the main focus of impacted families - Food, Shelter, Clothing and Love. Housing solutions vary by region and Home Economists worldwide play an important role to “make home” for those who’ve lost their home.

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World Home Economics Day 2019


IFHE members organised an impressive number of activities ranging from a Road Walk in Uyo, Nigeria to a contests and exhibits with over 1000 participants in the Philippines to a Young Chef Awad in the United Arab Emirates. Read more in the June 2019 Newsletter.

Past Themes


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