Food literacy education

IFHE is partner to a global collaboration to support educators and researchers in their work, understanding the world through food. The Food Literacy International Partnership (FLIP) aims to develop people’s capacity to act in ways that support sustainable consumption and equitable access to food. The partnership brings together qualified scholars and practitioners to develop teaching and learning materials for food literacy education.

Intercultural values & ethics in education

As associated partner, IFHE participates in a project exploring new dimensions in Education for Sustainable Development (2020-2023). The EC-funded multi-partner effort emphasizes interdisciplinarity, interculturality and inter-religiousness in education and will produce tools for vocational education.

Education for sustainable development

2016-2019, IFHE co-designed an innovative teacher training for professionals in households and guest-orientated businesses (ProfESus) to introduce sustainable practices and support knowledge-transfer through digital learning modules. A curriculum and learning tools were developed together with six partner organisations.