Resilient housing: Webinar series

Homes are the most important haven & asset in peoples’ lives, and are more and more affected by climate change and the pandemic. This year's World Home Economics Day focus is on what it takes to make homes safer and more resilient. Housing and indoor environment is a home economics discipline spearheading education & research on building resilient households. We use this day to highlight the profession's important contribution to building a resilient future.

No 1: Personal & environmental health aspects

This year's World Home Economics Day (WHED) focus is on what it takes to make homes safer and more resilient.Benefit from an introduction to the topic by Dr Pamela Turner, Extension Housing & Indoor Environment Specialist at the University of Georgia. The kick-off webinar will touch on various topics, covering personal and environmental health aspects such as air pollution, waste management or sanitation, safe child care environments, mental health, and more.

No 2: Sustainability of the housing stock


  • Sue Ballard de Ruiz, Associate Professor, Department of Art & Design, Tennessee State University
  • Randy Cantrell, Associate Professor and Housing & Community Development Specialist, University of Florida

Presenters are members of the Housing Education & Research Association (

Moderator: Gina Peek, Interim Associate Dean for Extension, Engagement and Continuing Education, Oklahoma State University

No 3: Resiliency, homelessness and housing insecure populations


  • Faye Griffiths-Smith, Family Economics and Resource Management Associate Extension Educator, University of Connecticut
  • Mary Ellen Welch, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Educator, University of Connecticut

Moderator: Pamela Turner, Professor and Housing & Indoor Environment Extension Specialist, University of Georgia

Watch the webinars at the IFHE youtube channel and learn more about 2022 World Home Economics Day.