Have a glimpse on what you can expect:

  • Keynote speeches and material about Home Economics education and research.
  • Engaging workshops designed to equip you with practical skills.
  • Opportunities to network with like-minded professionals and potential research collaborators.
  • A chance to become part of a global community dedicated to advancing Home Economics education.

Drs. Johnna Montgomery and Kerry Renwick discuss the foundations and innovations of financial literacy education. Please join online via ZOOM at 1.00pm CEST Vancouver Time. For more information please click   here.

Interested in more? Please visit our forecast of upcoming Seminars for Teachers in Home Economics Education  here.

How to register:

The fee of 15,00 Euro per Teacher Seminar can be paid by Credit Card via the IFHE website up to one week ahead of the Seminar. Please select “Teacher Webinar” and make sure, your name is indicated correctly. After payment, you will automatically be registered for the Teacher Seminar. We will provide you with the link to the Zoom Meeting and to the Teacher Seminar Material Collection about one week in advance of the Teacher Seminar.

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