Multiple disciplines - one concern

The term "home economics" honours the academic origins of our field which defines itself as the original field of research on economic, social, and ecological aspects of everyday living.

Today, while known under many names, the field spans multiple academic disciplines that focus on every-day life skills and responsible resource management at home:


Research, practice and education

Home economics draws its strength from a multi-level approach as an academic discipline and a profession by

  • focussing on practical household concerns,
  • research and the integration of multiple disciplines,
  • developing the capacity to act through formal and household access to education, and
  • advocacy for concerns of individuals, families and their communities.

Origins: Advancing women

In the 19th century, home economics was one of the first subjects that allowed women to pursue an academic education. Later, home economists were successful in placing food, sanitary and consumer protections into policy, while making the gendered nature of the field less relevant.

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