IFHE Representatives at UN

Relation with the UN and UN Agencies

IFHE is an International Non-Governmental Organisation
(INGO), having consultative status with the United Nations
IFHE involvement at the UN headquaters in New York, at
the UN Offices in Geneva, Paris, Rome and Vienna has steadily increased.
In each location IFHE Representatives serve as volunteers
to represent IFHE interests as an INGO. Their activities
are concerned primarily with social and educational
programmes related to the well-being of the family and
its members (women, children, youth, age) through the
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), UNESCO, and
UNICEF and through the food and nutrition programmes
of FAO.

IFHE Status with UN-Organisations

  • Consultative status with UN-ECOSOC
  • Category 2 - UNESCO, FAO
  • Status A - UNICEF.



  • Representing IFHE at different Conferences, INGO Meetings or Conferences
  • Presenting statements on behalf of IFHE
  • Working together with other INGO for statements
  • Preparing reports for IFHE concerning UN Conferences and INGO´s work
  • Supporting the different IFHE Programme Committees with important information.



  • To utilise this platform more intensively in order to enhance the people´s awareness of the demand for an improved quality of life voiced by society, the family and the individual and to get governments to act corresponding
  • We want that Home Economics, especially Home Economics Research, teaching, education and consulting/extension contribute to the implementation on the UN objectives.

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