4 - 6 March

International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) Annual Meeting 2020, Bonn, Germany

8 - 9 May 2020

Latvia University of Agriculture/Institute of Education and Home Economics, 13th International Scientific Conference: Rural Environment. Education. Personality (REEP-2020), Jelgava, Latvia (more).

19 - 22 July

Brazilian Society for Human Ecology (SABEH): XXXIV International Conference "Social Dynamicy and Global Challenges: The Role of Human Ecology in the 21st Century", Pernambuco, Brazil

2 - 8 August 2020

XXIV IFHE World Congress 2020: Home Economics: Soaring towards Sustainable Development, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (more)

28 - 30 September

Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA) National Conference: Home Economics: Igniting Critical Agendas, Brisbane (flyer & more)

12 - 13 November 2020

Home Reneissance Foundation conference: Happy Homes, Happy Society? The contribution of domestic life in a time of social changes, London, United Kingdom

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