The International Journal of Home Economics is a refereed e-journal bringing together emergent and breaking work on all aspects of Home Economics, and most importantly, how we might improve and renew the everyday work of Home Economists.

International Journal of Home Economics (ISSN 1999-561X)

Now in its 12th year, with 23 issues behind it, the journal is constantly achieving milestones related to quality and impact. It features quantitative and qualitative, disciplinary and trans-disciplinary, empirical and theoretical work and includes special editions on key developments. It aims to push the boundaries of theory and research—to seek out new paradigms, models and ways of framing Home Economics.


Issues are published twice a year and are available for free download at the IFHE website and at Informit.


Editorial Board

Editor of the International Journal for Home Economics is Donna PENDERGAST (contact: For information on the IJHE editorial board, please click on the picture below.