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15th Canadian Symposium for Home Economics 2019

Submitted by Kerry RENWICK, IFHE Vice-President Region of Pacific

"Home Economics | Family Studies | Human Ecology | Family & Consumer Science Education: Issues & Directions"

The 15th Canadian Symposium for Home Economics is being held in Vancouver, British Columbia on the University of British Columbia campus from February 22nd - 24th, 2019. 

You can view details about the weekend here on the CSXV website and click here to submit a paper. Click here to register for the symposium.

Tribute to Sonja LEWIS, POH, CPHE

Submitted by Audrey JONES-DRAYTON, IFHE Liaison Caribbean

Mrs. Sonja LEWIS, held the title of Certified Professional Home Economist, CPHE and President of Honour having been a President of our 46 year old Association for the period 2005 - 2009, the Caribbean Association of Home Economists Inc. (CAHE).

Professionally, Sonja was a Home Economics Educator who taught at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. She served in the position of Curriculum officer for Home Economics at the Ministry of Education in St. Vincent and the Grenadines before her retirement. Mrs. LEWIS was a dedicated member of CAHE (Registration # 028) and served for over the twenty five consecutive years on the Executive Leadership Team. There she served as Assistant Secretary, Chairperson for the Nominations Committee, the Membership Committee, as First Vice President and then as President. Having worked her way to the top, she was straightway recalled to serve as Consultant, where she performed with great zeal and zest until she so suddenly left us. Sonja was also a member of the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE).

Her achievements within the Association were extremely significant to its growth and visibility; a selfless display of time, energy, her personal finances and skills. She was a leader who truly demonstrated accountability in all CAHE activities and was not afraid to delegate to other members. She was proud to keep the CAHE flag flying high by wearing as many of the visibility memorabilia as she can, anywhere and anytime there was an opportunity. In 1998 Mrs Lewis spearheaded the Chronicles committee that captured and published the first 30 years of the Association. She was recently tasked with chronicling the next 30 years, a task that is in process. Mrs LEWIS also coordinated the CAHE song competition, which resulted in a sterling piece of music sung at the commencement of all CAHE activities. It was also under her presidency that the recipe book Caribbean Cuisine was published.

Mrs. LEWIS was also a keen motivational speaker and is fondly remember as the vibrant guest speaker of the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Trinidad and Tobago and at the launch of the recipe book in Guyana.
She was a role model to novice Home Economists in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and ensured that their financial status remained current. She also made sure that they accessed all opportunities available to them.

When the announcement of the death was posted to the Association's website and linked to our Facebook page, in two days it recorded over 2000 hits and to date in excess of 4,200 hits and twenty shares. This further speaks volumes to the manner of woman that she was. A giant of a woman … one comment said. She was a gentle giant of a woman. Tributes quickly flowed in from across the globe first from Australia then closer home. They recorded their love and sentiments of her gentleness foremost, and also of her kindness, warmth, efficiency, meticulous nature, thoughtfulness, charity and the list continues. Sonja our colleague, our, sister, our mentor, oh how we miss you, forever in our hearts...

The Caribbean Association of Home Economists Incorporated (CAHE) would like to extend deepest condolences to the relatives, friends and colleagues of the Home Economics fraternity.
May her soul rest in peace and rise in glory!

CAHE - 23nd Biennial Conference 2019

23rd Biennial Conference of the Caribbean Association of Home Economists Inc. (CAHE)

The Antigua and Barbuda Home Economics Association (ABHEA) is excited to invite all to the 23rd Biennial Conference of the Caribbean Association of Home Economists Inc. (CAHE). The Conference dates are the 12th - 17th April 2019 at the ADOMS Conference Centre, Factory Road, St. John’s,  Antigua. There are many beautiful resorts and guest houses set in the natural majestic scenery of rolling green hills, pristine turquoise waters where all visitors can be comfortably accommodated.

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or via CAHE Website

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The Caribbean Home Economist 2014 Issue

Publication of the Caribbean Association of Home Economists Inc.

"Improving the quality of life in the Caribbean"

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Research Money in U.S. about Childhood Obesity

First Lady Michelle OBAMA and the fight ahainst childhood obesity:

Michelle OBAMA's "Let's Move" campaign - with its emphasis on improving the quality of food and beverage in the schools and the community - is a welcome and historic step. Better Choices in schools will ultimately have limited effects if children do not have the ability to make better choices in the outside-school world.

IFHE members may be interested to know that huge amounts of federal dollars are going to obesity research through the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Submitted by: Elizabeth GOLDSMITH
Professor and Fulbright Scholar
Department of Textiles and Consumer Sciences
College of Human Sciences
Florida State University
Tallahassee - Florida, USA

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