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Home Economics Journals

Please find here an overview of International Home Economics Journals and Books

Legend - Key:

(s) scientific journal
(p) popular scientific journal
(i) informative journal


Brazilian Journal of Home Economics (OIKOS) (s)



Canadian Home Economics Journal (s)

Family Science Review (s)

THESA - Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association (s)

Vista: Journal of the Saskatchewan Home Economics Teachers Association (s)



Journal of Science Education - Revista de Educatión en Ciencias (s)



Caribbean Journal of Home Economics (s)



The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (s)

Annual Review of Nutrition (s)

Annual Review of Public Health (s)

Consumer Economics: Issues and Behaviors (s)

Family & Community Health: The Journal of Health Promotion & Maintenance (s)

Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal (s)

Family Economics and Nutrition Review (s)

Family Life Education with Diverse Populations (s)

Family Process (s)

Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Science (s)

Family, Systems & Health (s)

Forum for Family and Consumer Issues (s)

Geriatric Nursing (p)

Human Ecology Review (s)

JHQ - Journal for Healthcare Quality (s)

Journal of Consumer Psychology (s)

Journal of Consumer Research (s)

Journal of Extension (s)

Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences (s)

Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences Education (s)

Journal of Family and Economics Issues (s)

Journal of Family Nursing (s)

Journal of Family Psychology (s)

Journal of Family Theory & Review (s)

Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning (s)

Journal of Financial Therapy (s)

Journal of Home Economics (s) (1909 until 1993)

Journal of Human Sciences and Extension (s)

Journal of Marriage and the Family (s)

Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior (s)

Journal of Personal Finance (s)

Journal of Women's History (s)

Kappa Omicron Nu Forum - Publication Archive

Qualities of Living: A Platform for Practice - Barbara S. MCFALL (s)

State of the World 2012: Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity (s)

Studies in Family Planning (s)

The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues (FFCI) (s)

The Family Journal (s)

The Journal of Consumer Affairs (s)

The Journal of Consumer Education (s)

The Journal of Sustainability Education (JSE) (s)

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