IFHE Development Fund

The IFHE Development Fund offers project grants to professionals in developing countries and is managed by IFHE-US. Funding may be requested to:

  • Conduct an evaluation of existing program that could be expanded or bring visibility to Home Economics
  • Match funding with other organisations to accomplish a major intervention
  • Extend or build capacity of an IFHE Organisation
  • Gain visibility for the work of Home Economists in addressing UN issues

Next grants will be awarded at the IFHE World Congress in Atlanta, USA in 2020. To apply, please use the IFHE Development Fund Application form. Deadline for application is 20. February 2020.

Previous Grant Winners

2016 - 2020

Water Harvesting, India: Enhancing the impact of water harvesting structures in the Thar Desert.

Knowledge Dissemination, India: Sharing results of rainwater harvesting impacts on women and girls in a workshop.

2012 - 2016

Health Education Campaign, India: Educating women about health issues and health care access with the help of a community radio station.

Computer Assisted Pattern Drafting, Nigeria: Developing computer software to teach pattern drafting with the aim to enhance the appeal of sewing classes and improve clothing production.

2008 - 2012

Hay-Box Cooking Project, South Africa: Training how to cook without a fire for poor communities in and around Ennerdale, about 30kms from Johannesburg.

Schools Desks and Nutrition, Kenya: The Dago Dala Hera commuinity-based organization improves its daycare feeding and table manners.

School Gardening Project, Virgin Islands: Teaching nutrition and encouraging the consumption of vegetables with elementary school children.

Fire Pot Project, Kenya: Making energy saving and smoke reducing fire-place liners.

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Disaster Assistance Partnerships

Since 2010, Disaster Assistance Partnerships (DAP) supports Home Economists to recover Home Economics programs in developing countries after destruction by natural desasters. Assistance can be requested from affected Home Economic professionals.

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Recent DAP activities

Learn about DAP activities inSierra Leone, Honduras and the Caribbean after the hurricanes (Presentation at the 109th American Association of Family and Consumers Sciences AAFCS Annual Conference & Expo). 


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