Membership categories

Annual fees

  1. Organisational / Associated Members:  € 290
  2. Individual Members:   € 70

Different rates apply for students and members from developing countries (both € 30). See World Bank classification.

Individual members can choose to pay fees four years in advance and benefit from a reduced rate of € 230 or € 100 (for members from developing countries).

Membership Registration

Create a personal membership account at the IFHE Database and confirm the verification email you receive. Only after payment of your membership fee (see below), the account is activated and you can access the IFHE Members Area

Please read our Privacy and General Data Protection Policy.


Online payment

Use the secure IFHE credit card payment to pay all fees (membership, registration) or transfer a donation. To see exceptions please scroll down.

Should you prefer a different payment option, please contact us. We receive payments rom all over the world and will find a solution that suits your needs.


Exception: payment through third parties

IFHE membership should be paid through national associations in the following countries:

Other IFHE national contacts also offer this option to save on bank charges but direct online payment is possible as well: 

  • Home Economics Professional Association of Nigeria (contact Patricia MBAH)
  • IFHE Japan (contact Yukiko KUDO)