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Here you have the possibility to use the Online Application Form
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Types of Membership

Individual and Student Members are  people who are participating in practise, education or research of Home Economics or are interested in these topics.

Organisational Members are professional associations, universities, schools and other organisations involved in Home Economics.

Associated Members are businesses and industries concerned with Home Economics topics.

Membership Fees

Please note: up from 2015, there is the new option to pay a four years membership for individual members. Paying a four years membership fee offers a discount for individual members!

The new yearly fees from 2015 on will be as follow:

€ 70       for Individual Members (developed countries)

€ 230     for Individual Members (developed countries) -
              4 years membership (2019 - 2022)

€ 30       for Individual Members (developing countries)

€ 100     for Individual Members (developing countries) -
              4 years membership (2019 - 2022)

€ 30       for Student Members

€ 290     for Organisational Members

€ 290     for Associated Members

Payment via Online Payment/Credit Card

You can pay your Fees via Online Payment/Credit Card
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Transfer Details

IFHE Membership Fees are due until the end of March every year. They have to be paid in the currency Euro and free of every charge for IFHE.

Banking Arrangements:

Beneficiary: International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE)

Bank: Sparkasse KölnBonn, Thomas-Mann-Straße 61, D-53111 Bonn, Germany

Account Number: 8555278

BLZ: 370 501 98

IBAN: DE 46 3705 0198 0008555278

Swift-Code: COLS DE 33

Please note:

All IFHE Members who did not pay the IFHE Membership Fee until end of March each year do not have access to the IFHE Members Only Area!!

It might be that the IFHE Office did not receive the updated payment list from the national IFHE Liaison, please contact the IFHE Office under office@ifhe.org .

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For IFHE Members from developing countries, please have a look at the following list:

The World Bank List 2018/2019

IFHE Privacy and General Data Protection Policy - May 2018

Before filling in the Application Form please download and read the rules of the IFHE Privacy and General Data Protection Policy

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