IJHE Volume 13 Issue 2 2020

IJHE Volume 13 Issue 1 2020



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Special Issue Call for Papers: Rapid response and lockdown learnings—Home economics, the global pandemic 2020, and beyondDonna Pendergast (Editor) & Jay Deagon (Guest Editor)
The state of learning activities in teaching Home Economics: A cross sectional study in Norwegian schoolsCecilie Beinert, Nina Cecilie Øverby, Gun Katarina Åbacka, Dagrun Engeset, Elisabet Rudjord Hillesund, Anne Merete Selvik Ask, & Frøydis Nordgård Vik
Challenges to Interdisciplinary teaching for nutrition and health in Swedish compulsory schoolsCecilia Lindblom, Inger Erixon Arreman, Cecilia Olsson, Hedda Landfors, Maria Waling, & Agneta Hörnell
Self-efficacy Perceptions toward Online Learning of English Language LearnersIvana Markova
Engaging Home Economics through New Philosophical Ideas: A Commentary on International ContributionsSue L. T. McGregor
Enticing Young Professionals to Sustain the Profession: The Role of Professional AssociationsSue L. T. McGregor & Deanne Halls
Digital diet planning task in a Food and health subject curriculum in teacher educationHanne Müller & Lilja Palovaara Søberg
What is the educational content of food and health?Emma Oljans, Jonas Almqvist & Karin Hjälmeskog
Relationship between Materialism, Life Values, and Happiness in a U.S. College SampleSandra L. Poirier, Thomas M. Brinthaupt, Jasmin K. Vu, Mary Ann Remsen, Uma J. Iyer
Resistance and Resilience: An Afrocentric Collection of 3D Printed Jewelry, and Digitally Printed Head WrapsAlexis Quinney & Michael Mamp
Providing Students a Voice in Online PedagogyElizabeth A. Smith
Research to Practice Enhances Ecological Theory and Family Capacity-Building in Home Economics Program PracticesMelinda Swafford, Filomena Palmer, & Cara Sisk

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