Please feel free to download the IFHE E-Newsletter ("Home Economic News") from our website. It is published four times a year and contains interesting updates on our profession from around the world. If you would like to publish an article, please contact us at

Current Issue

Newsletter June 2019

  • There is value in Home Economics: Press coverage of World Home Economics Day 2019
  • WHED Philippines: Over 100 participants celebrate
  • WHED Nigeria: Road Walk and keynote at Uyo
  • WHED United Arab Emirates: Aldar Young Chef Award
  • Building an ongoing story: World Home Economic Days 2020-2024
  • Themes resonate with Home Economics: Reflections on CSW63
  • Award for IFHE at the Commission of Social Development meeting
  • A week of refreshing engagement: Annual Meeting 2019 in Trinidad
  • News from the regions & announcements
  • Calendar of events

Newsletter March 2019

  • Message from the IFHE Acting President
  • Last Update - IFHE Annual Meeting 2019
  • Update -  IFHE World Congress 2020
  • ProfESus Education Conference 2018
  • UN Activities - CSocD57 & CSW63
  • World Home Economics Day 2019
  • Introduction of the IFHE Liaison Nigeria, the Caribbean and Sudan
  • Home Economics Education in Egypt 1937 - 1980 / Rare Pictures
  • News from the Federation & Calendar


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