What is "a draft concept of how you would advance the 2020 scholarship theme"?

This is the heart of your application so be sure to spend some time reflecting on it. We suggest you study our website to get an idea what IFHE and Home Economics is about. We also suggest you do your own research on e.g. the value of Home Economics, young people's expectations or membership based organisations in the digital age. And then share your ideas how, during your scholarship, you could contribute to promoting international Home Economics with young people.

Don't worry, we do not expect an academic paper! We are more interested in pragmatic ideas that can be realised within 9 months and with the scholarship grant offered (remember, it's a draft concept only). However, your concept should be short & concise. Its form is up to you - surprise us!

Do I need to be an IFHE member and how to I prove my "contribution to promoting Home Economics and its interdisciplinary values"?

No, you don't need to be an IFHE member to apply. However, the scholarships's aim is to promote Home Economics Educaton and advance the profession on an international level. So yes, we do expect you to have ties to Home Ecomics, Family and Consumer Science, Human Ecology etc. and be able to prove that you care for our profession. How you do this is up to you (maybe in your motivational letter - see next)

How do I send my motivational letter, CV and certificates?

In your motivational letter, please shortly explain why we should select you as IFHE scholarship holder 2020 (max 1 page). Please also include a condensed version of your CV (max 4 pages) as well as certificates that are relevant for the application. Please send all as one pdf-document.

What is a proof of academic excellence?

Academic Excellence is documented through the Academic Transcript sent to office@ifhe.org from your institution. 

Why do I need to have the technical means to attend online meetings?

IFHE's strenth is its broad international network and to be able to make most of your scholarship you need to be able to attend online meetings and working sessions. Your IT setup -  hardware, software, stable Wifi - must allow seamless virtual communication (no financial or technical support provided is by IFHE).

And why should I be able to travel internationally?

The scholarship includes the valuable opportunity to attend meetings face- to-face (for which a reimbursement of travel costs can be requested). Scholarship holders therefore need to ensure that they are able to travel internationally, which also includes meeting the formal requirements international travel normally involves (valid passport, visa requirements etc.)

How to I prove my fluency in English?

Applicants whose country’s official language is not English should provide evidence of English language proficiency. Click here for IFHE's English Langage Admission Standard.




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