Programme Committee Outreach to Central and Eastern European Countries (OCEEC)


  • Network Development – Identify individuals, organisations and institutions in Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) to include in the Home Economics network.
  • Promote Linkage – Develop mechanisms to link CEEC network members to support and collaboration.
  • Identify research from CEEC – Identify and highlight Home Economics research conducted in and/or with data from CEEC.
  • Marketing IFHE to Home Economics related institutions in Central and Eastern European Countries Outreach Committee.

IFHE Committee of Outreach towards Central and Eastern European Countries looks still important. The committee gets one reply to the IFHE Survey. The member organisation is satisfied with the program of CEEC Outreach. Information about the IFHE had reached the members of it. The new dissemination or difference of present information activity did not need necessary.

The future program of Central and Eastern European Countries Outreach Committee will continue in marketing IFHE. The important role is to present and collect the research and researchers of European countries. The new programs have started after the successful Moldovan nutrition and school gardening project in the beginning of 2000 in order to expand the knowledge of healthy nutrition, gardening, consumer issues and other IFHE Projects.

The education of the nutrition in the third world has become a part of activity of CEEC. It is an upside down education. The education takes place in the European country among the immigration women. The new innovations are taught in Europe and will be brought to third world by the family visits to the third world. The family member visitors will bring them when they come to Finland, Slovenia etc. and as well when the immigrated women go to their home country.

The women's role of disseminating healthy life habits is always most important. The CEEC needs interactive extension with the other committees. The CEEC uses the subject matters from the committees. The materials from the other countries are available to the other committees as well.

The programme of CEEC for future 2016 - 2018 of will continue very actively under IFHE Ideology.

IFHE World Congress 2016, Daejeon, Korea

Workshop for Consumer Economics in CEEC Outreach Committee

"United Nations Hunger Challenge and reducing Waste in the CEEC"

Leena SAVISALO Chair IFHE Programme Committee Outreach to Central and Eastern European Countries, Finland and Joanne PEARSON, USA
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Memories from Korean IFHE Worl Congress 2016

Dear All,
A memorable IFHE Congress in Daejeon in Korea is over. IFHE Outreach Committee organised six successful and interesting presentations. On Sunday CEEC Outreach started in the Programme Committee meeting with a discussion with the participants about how to become members, how the model could be used in Africa and Asia. Two presentations were about developing women of different cultures to grow their food by gardening in Espoo City. The counterpart is the rural agricultural institute Chrudim in Czech Republic.
More information is available from .

The other was to find out the education of tree planting in forests in Finland and to later apply this when asylum people can go back to develop their home countries, both for food preparation and construction of buildings.
IFHE CEEC Outreach Committee organised Workshop about "United Nations Hunger Challenge, Waste Reduction, Food Waste" case study in CEEC. The presentation of Prof. Joanne PEARSON is available above for more discussion.

The poster of Prof. Tetyana KALNA-DUBINYUK from Ukraine about Information Technology in Home Economics teaching, research and education could find the similarities in USA. The discussion between each of them created the contact.
The textile collection, example as knitting exhibition on the wall was the activity from IFHE CEEC Outreach Committee as well.
So few from Eastern Europe could find the financing to come to Congress in Daejeon. All the contacts are valued by CEEC Outreach Committee.
Next we will have Annual Meeting in Sligo, Ireland March 2017 and Congress in Atlanta, USA 2020. In the meantime all contacts and comments are most welcome.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the IFHE Congress Organising Committee for the excellent coordination and wonderful hospitality during the conference!

Leena SAVISALO, Chair

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