Committee on Institutional and Hospitality Management (PC-IHM) of the International Federation for Home Economics

Main Goal: Enabling global network opportunities and sharing international viewpoints

What the Committee Involves
The committee work focusses on Home Economics activities taking place in institutional households/ organisations, such as schools, homes for children and seniors, hospitals.  
Home Economics sactivities in these places include catering, cleaning or textile services and require hospitality management in order to provide aligned services to the different target groups in different cultural settings.
Detailed definition of the term "Institutional Household"
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The main objective of the committee is to enable global network opportunities and sharing international viewpoints. This includes comparing Home Economics practices across different countries and cultures, looking at challenges Home Economists in institutional households face and discussing trends and future developments within this broad field.

The committee work of the four years between two congresses is concentrated on selected questions of interest brought up by the committee members. Hence the committee work depends on active contributions of its members. This is possible either in person at committee meetings or via electronic means.

Committee members are practitioners and scientists involved in the broad and fascinating field of institutional Home Economics.

Plan of Action for the Years 2016 - 2020
The chair of the PC-IHM looks forward to working with the present and future committee members to support the PC-IHM goal: "Enabling global network opportunities and sharing international viewpoints".

In a world of constant information overload – the committee’s actions and network opportunities aim to be as easy manageable and accessible as possible. Actions taking place are described as follows.

Call for International Snapshots

In order to meet its goal, the PC-IHM has launched an ongoing call for international "snapshots". IFHE members working in institutional households are called to share insights of their daily work in the form of a brief snapshot. The purpose is to give neutral, insights into institutional households around the globe.

What kind of snapshots is called for? Whatever you might think can be of interest to share internationally. Are you interested? Please send your "Snapshot" in form of a picture indicating the location, what it shows and whom it was taken by to

Here is a great snapshot from colleagues in Saudi Arabia:

Snapshot of a dish of fruit salad in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Location: King Abdulaziz University.
Shows: A dish of fruit salad prepared by first semester, Bachelor degree students from the Department Management of Housing & Institutions, Faculty of Home Economics. They learn to prepare a party lunch within training for the preparation of various parties and events.
Taken by: Bachelor students in the Department of Housing & Institutions at King Abdulaziz University. Image chosen by Dr Sakinah BASBRIN, Associate Professor.

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