Programme Committee Household Technology & Sustainability (HT&S)


Collect and exchange data of global relevance to household and appliance technologies


  • Consumption of water, energy, detergent – emissions of CO2, pollution, etc.
  • Consumer habits (including regional/cultural differences).

Develop good and best practises

  • On all tasks of household care causing relevant emissions.
  • For global application.
  • With regional/cultural differentiation where necessary.

Disseminate best practices by

  • Communicating best practices.
  • Promoting best practice examples.
  • Presenting them in scientific papers and participation at conferences.

The Programme Committee Household Technology & Sustainability had launched its own webpage during the IFHE Annual Meeting 2009 in Kingston, Jamaica, please click
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For downloading Promotion Material/Best Practice Posters of the PC HT&S
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Please contact Rainer STAMMINGER (Chair) for further information under

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