Programme Committee Home Economics Policies in Education and Training (HEPET)

Overview and Tasks

The purpose of the Home Economics Policies in Education and Training Programme Committee is to provide a forum to unite Home Economics educators throughout the world. 

Our aim is to empower and to celebrate the work of Home Economics educators worldwide by helping them to enrich their programs and to strengthen their professional position in their schools and universities. 

We are currently working towards developing a global primary, secondary and tertiary Home Economics curriculum document of secondary and tertiary institutions. The content of this document provides a rationale for the subject of Home Economics and the systematic way it is delivered in primary and secondary schools. The document also provides a reference point which allows Home Economics educators from other countries to compare with their own curriculum. This is a powerful tool which can help to unite Home Economics educators worldwide in their quest for strengthening their subject and how it is delivered in schools. 

The current PC interest is sharing research and upcoming conferences of interest to educators as well as networking and support of Home Economics educators. We are also involved in collecting data for a survey identifying the availability of secondary and tertiary Home Economics courses provided by secondary schools and tertiary institutions across the world.

In conjunction with the global curriculum document, this survey will provide Home Economics educators with first hand data of the status of Home Economics in schools and universities.

Future Directions for the Education Programme Committee (2012 - 2016)

  • Partnership Project and IFHE approved project "Partnership's for Home Economics Disaster Assistance" (Juanita MENDENHALL).
  • Education Sustainability (Lea COMPTON and Theresa LAI).
  • Food for Life Project (Roy BALLAM).
  • IYF project has also been nominated as a discussion - Collaborative project with Canadian Home Economics Associations (Shirley JONES).

Ongoing Projects

  • Global Template for Home Economics project.
  • Home Economics Education Survey.

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