The Family (and Gender) Programme Committee


  • Focusing on issues relating to women and families and the role of Home Economic in furthering improvements in women's condition and position in society.
  • To focus on awareness creation around issues of poverty alleviation.
  • To focus the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of Family 2014.
  • Supporting the conduction of the IFHE Symposium 2014.
  • Supporting the programme of the Opening Ceremony of the Council 2014.
  • Preparation of a Family Strategy Paper to support resource management of families.
  • Preparation of an electronic publication entitled "Family Socioeconomic and Cultural Issues: A Continuing Home Economics Concern".

Family is the most fundamental unit in all societies. With its multifaceted functions, the family is one of the most important institutions for social and societal development in all the varied forms of civilisations worldwide. It is the social base wherein the development and well-being of its individual members, inclusive of children, women and men of all ages can best take place.

Through the TheFamily (and Gender) Programme Committee, IFHE recognises this fact, and consequently desires to foster the functions and influence of this vital building-block of society. 

Therefore our focus not only features the internal functions and influences as exemplified by the dynamic relationships within the family, but also highlights the external dynamics of the family's interactions with the social, political, economic and ecological domains that encompass it. 

In accomplishing this, within the period 2012 – 2014, the Programme Committee's main working emphasis operated through its collaboration with the IFHE Campaign policy of "Empowering Individuals, Families and Communities through Home Economics".

Information regarding the Campaign
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The Family (and Gender) Programme Committee was extremely active in the preparation of a monograph entitled "The economic and social situation of families in the context of Home Economics" which was launched in Canada in July 2014. This special e-journal, is commissioned for the anniversary of the Year of the Family, and was published by the IFHE as a once-off publication.
Information about this Monograph
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This Family (and Gender) Programme Committee is comprised of a highly motivated expert group of professionals who seeks the company of others to advance the family agenda within the IFHE. This Committee is now extending a very special invitation extended to every member with expertise and interests in the areas of family, women, gender, children or other appropriately related fields, to become part of this enthusiastic team and to get actively involved in this work. We look forward to hearing from you and to your support in advancing the academic and social issues impacting this core area of the Home Economics profession. Welcome aboard!

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