Programme Committee Consumers and Sustainable Development (CSD)


  • To support the mission and aims of IFHE by promoting an understanding of the interrelationship between Consumer Issues and Family Resource Management.
  • To find a common understanding of Consumer Issues and Family Resource Management whilst acknowledging the diverse range of Home Economics backgrounds and work situation of committee members.
  • To organise workshops, resource exhibitions and poster displays for the IFHE World Congress that promote an active/applied approach to Consumer Issues and Family Resource Management.
  • To build and to strengthen the network of people working in Home Economics and in particular in the Consumer and Family Resource Management area.
  • To support education for sustainable development and the initiatives that are being taken in member countries that are relevant to Home Economics.

IFHE Programme Committee Consumers and Sustainable Development Workshop

The IFHE Programme Committee Consumer and Sustainable Development met in Daejeon, Korea for a workshop "The green consumer sees red" presented by Hester STEYN.

The workshop had a lively discussion on the role of the consumer in sustainable development and the difficult task of the consumer to take responsible decisions in terms of sustainability.
A ninety minutes workshop was too short to achieve what we set out to do and the participants agreed that the discussion should continue after the congress through other means.
The fact that 75% of the damage done to the environment by a product is done after purchase, thus in the hands of the consumer emphasise that the consumer can be slightly less concerned about the origin of a product and rather give more attention to his/her handling of the product.
Accepting this approach highlight the need for clear guidelines for the consumer for purchase, use, care, storage and discarding of the spent item.

The Consumer and Development Committee can support the consumer in setting such guidelines and distributing it through popular media. The workshop therefore proposed that individual members start working on such guidelines each within their own field of expertise.
All other IFHE Members who are interested in taking part in these discussions are invited to send their e-mail addresses to:

Work Expectations

E-Book project: Oververview and Plans for the next four years

The main focus of the work of the Programme Committee Consumers and Sustainable Development will continue to be on the E-Book "Global Sustainable Development: a Challenge for Consumer Citizens".

The Link to the E-Book is

The E-Book is funded by the CDVEC Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) in Ireland and is a partnership project between IFHE and CDU.

Between 2012 - 2016 members of the Programme Committee will work to keep the E-Book up to date (Phase 3). This work will include collaboration with the E-book funder to write submission briefs, put out calls for contributions, review contributions, provide feedback to contributors, oversee the process through to going live/publication and dissemination.

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