Overview - IFHE Programme Committees

Introduction: Nature and Work of Programme Committees

The IFHE Programme Committees are based on interest and needs. There have been a
number of on-going Programme Committees established since the 1980 Congress.

Membership on the Committees consists of interested members of IFHE who are
willing to participate and be active members and attend the meetings.

There are several benefits to serve on a programme committee. It is an opportunity to
become directly involved in and help determine the work of the IFHE and to cooperate with Home Economists from around the world on this work. Programme Committees may interact with each other and develop joint projects.

Each Committee establishes goals and objectives for a four year period coinciding with a President's term of office in keeping with the President's "Plan of Action"for the four years. The Chair of each Committee reports on the Committee activities annually at the Executive Annual Leadership Meeting or at the Council Meeting.

At the moment, eight Programme Committees exist:

Programme CommitteeChairCountry
Consumers & Sustainable ConsumptionHester STEYNSouth Africa
Family (and Gender)Geraldene HODELIN/Mary Margaret HAYES (Co-Chair)Jamaica/Ireland
Food Security & Nutrition & Nutritional HealthPatricia MBAHNigeria
Home Economics Policies in Education and TrainingRie IMOTOJapan
Household Technology & SustainabilityRainer STAMMINGERGermany
Institutional and Hospitality ManagementFranziska HONEGGERSwitzerland
Outreach to Central and Eastern European CountriesLeena SAVISALOFinland
Textiles & DesignGwendolyn HUSTVEDTUSA

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