IFHE members can easily expand their professional network. Our thematic working groups provide an excellent opportunity to collaborate with like-minded colleagues from around the globe:

Consumers & Sustainable ConsumptionInterrelationship between consumer issues and family resource management.Hester STEYN, South Africa
Family (and Gender)The role of Home Economic in improving the situation/position of women in society.Geraldene HODELIN, Jamaica/ Mary HAYES, Ireland
Food Security & Nutrition & Nutritional HealthDefinitions, strategies, and educational resources for local food security programs.Patricia MBAH, Nigeria
Home Economics Policies in Education and TrainingProgram enrichment, curricula development, professional positioning in schools and universities.Rie IMOTO, Japan
Household Technology & SustainabilityHousehold / appliance technologies, emissions, consumption of water & energy and consumer habits.Rainer STAMMINGER, Germany
Institutional and Hospitality ManagementActivities in institutional households such as schools, homes for children and seniors, hospitals.Franziska HONEGGER, Switzerland
Outreach to Central and Eastern European CountriesOrganizations and reseach in/with regard to Central and Eastern European countries.Lena SAVISALO, Finland
Textiles & Design

Textile production, sustainability and consumption behavious.