IFHE is a membership-based International NGO (non-profit organization) registered under German law. IFHE President and Chair of the Executive Committee 2020-2024 is Gwendolyn HUSTVEDT, United States.

Listen to Gwendolyn's vision for a way forward for IFHE and get to know the Executive Committee members 2020-2022.

Our decision-making body is the delegate assembly (Council). It meets every two years and elects the President and Treasurer for their overlapping four-year terms. Responsibility for the implementation of IFHE goals and its management lie with the Executive Committee and IFHE General Secretariat in Bonn, Germany.

Professional Communities

IFHE's thematic work is driven by members around the globe.

Committees or ad-hoc working groups provide an excellent opportunity to expand professional networks and advance home economics topics such as consumers & sustainable consumption, food security, sustainable household appliances, education & training, health, textile production, gender and more.

Learn more about current committees and contact persons.

IFHE General Secretariat

Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 13
53113 Bonn

PLease contact us by email: office@ifhe.org.