The ERASMUS+ Project"Focus on Sustainability – Education for Professionals in household and guest-orientated businesses" (ProfESus), started at 1st October 2016.

Project Partners are:

P1: UCAEP - University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy, Austria

P2: International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE), Germany

P3: Anne Fox ApS, Denmark

P4: Latvijas Lauksaimniecibas Universitate, Latvia

P5: LAUREA University of Applied Sciences, Finland

P6: CISMe - Cooperativa per l'Innovazione e lo Sviluppo Meridione, Italy

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication (communication) reflects the views only of the author, and the
Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the
information contained therein.

Based on the ERASMUS+ Project an expert workshop took place in January 2017 (18th and 19th January 2017) in Bonn, Germany.

Programme of the Workshop
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More Information see ProfESus Website

Introduction Video of the ProfESus-Pathway to Discovering a Sustainable Mindset - September 2018

This video (33 MB) describes and symbolises

  • the context which teachers/educators should consider


  • the process which teachers/educators should plan in detail to support learners in discovering their sustainable mindset.

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International Education Conference 2018 - November 2018

"enabling - provocation - reflection"

Dear IFHE Members,

Based on the statement of Nelson Mandela "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" the International  Education Conference 2018 on the topic "enabling - provocation - reflection" Education 4.0 - Promotion of Sustainable Development through Innovative Teaching will focus on key questions and aspects of future-orientated sustainable education to promote the transformation related to the UN Agenda 2030.

The conference will take place at the University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy, Vienna, Austria from 29th to 30th November 2018.

High-profile international experts such as Prof. Kai NIEBERT, Zurich, Switzerland, Prof. David SELBY, Canada, will demonstrate the significance of promoting Sustainable Development through Innovative Teaching.
Prof. Johanna MICHENTHALER and Prof. LINDER from the University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy will report about requirements and experiences related to innovative education concepts for professional education.

Future education is not conceivable without digital learning. The media specialist, Alexander PINKER, Germany will demonstrate the opportunities, options, developments and requirements the area of digital learning.

Please see the Conference Programme here  and the Registration Form for download here!

For your convenience please find a Guidebook for Participants ("Welcome to Vienna!") here

There is no Registration fee!

Registration: Please fill in the registration form and send it per e-mail until the 10th of November 2018 to

Learning Course Module 4 at LAUREA, Finland - June 2018

"High Commitment and many Ideas - ProfEsus Course succesfully finalised"

The last Module 4 of the ProfESus blended learning course ”Discovering a Sustainable Mindset - for future-thinking professionals in guest-oriented businesses” was conducted at LAUREA - University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Participants from 14 different countries presented their learning activity plans, which they had developed in the online Module 3 and conducted in their schools/businesses.

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Second ProfESus Multiplier Event at LAUREA, Finland

"Implementing a sustainable mindset - Innovative Teacher Story"

The Second European ProfESus Multiplier Event took place in January 2018 (16th and 17th January 2018) in Espoo Finland...

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Discovering a sustainable mindset for future thinking professionals in guest-oriented business

ProfESus Expert Workshop at LAUREA, Finland
Experts in Home Economics or consumer education and experts in teacher training participated in the second ProfESus Multiplier event at LAUREA, Finland at the end of January 2018.

The aim of the expert workshop was to discuss innovative approaches for teacher trainings and to get feedback from the experts on the current status of the ProfESus Project and most of all on the developed blended learning innovative teacher training.

Victoria W. THORESEN, UNESCO Chair for Education about Sustainable Lifestyles and Professor of Education at Hedmark University College in Norway and Adrian HENDRIQUES, Middlesex University, UK gave inspiring keynote speeches. They discussed with the participating experts as well as with the project team concepts and aspects of an innovative teacher training for sustainable consumption and production in vocational trainings. One special topic was, in which way trainees, learners can be supported to discover a sustainable mindset and in which way a sustainable mindset can be assessed?

In a second phase, the discussion of the professional and sustainable competences, the concepts, structures and tools for the four modules of the innovative ProfESus blended learning teacher training gave valuable references for the project partners.

During a future thinking session, the participants discussed the question, “What will innovative teaching to discover a sustainable mindset will look like in 2025?”

The very exciting results and ideas of future teaching environments, networks, co-operations or communication tools were inspiring to promote new ways of teaching.

Big interest for the ProfESus Blended Learning Course
More than 60 participants from 15 different countries registered for the ProfESus innovative teacher training, which will be conducted as a blended learning course. The first presence phase will take place at the University of Agrarian and Environmental Education in Vienna, Austria at the end of February.

The upcoming ProfESus Course will be a chance and challenge for all teachers and students teachers.

The Project Team and the keynote speakers would like to invite all Home Economics educators to join the group of Home Economists and sustainable consumption and production, who actively promote innovative teaching to discover a sustainable mindset for future-thinking professionals in guest-oriented businesses!

Please watch the messages of the Keynote speakers, Victoria W. THORESEN and Adrian HENRIQUES and the Project Video Course announcement of the ProfESus Team!

Victoria THORESEN:


Project Team Course Announcement:


ProfESus Newsletter 4 - January 2019 - is now available:

With this last ProfESus-Newsletter we will give you the possibility to get an insight in our International Education Conference and we want to surprise you with our great ProfESus outcomes which are available as open source materials and free to use for everyone.
We hope our project results will inspire you.

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ProfESus Newsletter 3 - August 2018 - is now available:

This is the third ProfESus newsletter and provides you some interesting details of the project especially of the first run of the blended learning courses.

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ProfESus Newsletter 2 - May 2018 - is now available:

With this ProfESus Newsletter Issue 2, we want to inform you about the latest and upcoming activities in this project. The context of the project is a blended learning course for teachers who educate students/trainees/staff members working in the field of guest orientated business. The aim of the course is to get to know and to practice innovative approaches so that students and trainers discover their sustainable mindset.

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ProfESus Newsletter 1 - September 2017 - is now available:

The first ProfESus Newsletter provides you with the context and some aspects of the project. It indicates also links to the
project website and current publicatons as results of the first project year.

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Outcome I - August 2017 - is now available:

"Planning Teacher Training for the fields of Home Economics"

O1. Collection of practical needs, tools, materials and recommndations to arrange professional learning processes to improve education for sustainability in the fields of Home Economics.

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